Virtual Chapel: All In!

It’s funny how God works sometimes. In our church we’ve been getting this vision and nudge about “seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness…” It’s a teaching of Jesus from Matthew 6:33 and it just keeps coming; for several months it persists. Pastor Bryan Brooks has been preaching about it, as have I. We are on an adventure with God in this.

So the very first night I arrived in Guatemala it made me laugh when I was sitting at supper and hearing two stories of people I am just meeting for the first time… who have gone “all in” – seeking the kingdom first. I laughed out loud! I wanted to call Pastor Bryan and say, “God is never going to let us forget this vision!”

Cesar’s “all in” led him to serve in the church. Rich’s “all in” led him to sell his stuff (including a beautiful Harley Davidson) and become a missionary in Nicaragua. Jason’s “all in” moved him to Guatemala last August. What’s yours?

It looks different for every person and each season of our lives may have different expressions of it, but the call is the same. It’s an invitation to jump into the deepest well of grace, redemption, mercy and justice and Love. It’s is a big letting go of all we cling to and taking a great step of freedom.

Sometimes it’s just a letter or call or coffee. Sometimes it’s a total change of work and study. Trusting God and just following the nudges – going “all in” IS where we experience the kingdom of God in earth as it is in heaven. Yes, it feels scary, but it’s worth it. Yes, it seems crazy, but it is the best God has for each of us. And yes, it means YOU too!

When we go “all in” we meet people God has placed in our path for greater purposes. We experience a peace that won’t go away even when the big bad storms come. And we collaborate with others who are “all in” with such deep Joy!

“All in” for me right now means serving in a church that is located in Franklin, Tennessee. It means staying connected in the local and global community with the people God has placed in my path. And it means being open to follow – where God leads, not where I determine to go. Obedience yields a beautiful life…one moment at a time.

What about you? Have you gone “all in” with whatever nudge God is placing on your spirit? You don’t have to do it alone. There are a lot of us on the journey and there is room for you. But definitely do it! This is the Joy that makes life complete. Everything begins with one step.


God, sometimes it’s hard to take the risks you ask of us. Just taking a step toward deeper relationship with you seems BIG! It’s hard to make a phone call we feel awkward to make; hard to step away from security; hard to even accept that you actually desire to work with us and through us. Help us to be humble and brave wherever we are. We trust you, Lord, and we love you. Thank you for not giving up on us. Amen.

All In by Matthew West

If you want to hear messages about about “seeking the kingdom first”, check out the sermon series happening now at Franklin FUMC. Podcasts on website. Live stream on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Chapel: All In!

  • Dear one, how well I remember our “all in” journey to divinity school! So grateful you are finding joy on the journey! Hopefully I am still on the journey in another place. Love you dearly.

    • Kaye, indeed; that was an “all in” adventure for sure! We were all dealing with different circumstances but the same call. So grateful for the strength God gave us on that journey! Love you.

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