Discover JOY

I never get tired of the joy that comes when we pour into young people. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Franklin, TN or Guatemala. There is something so good that happens in our adult spirits when we invest some time and love in the life of those who are “becoming” who God created them to be.

Can you remember someone that invested time and love in you? Keep passing that on to the young people in your life; they need it! And for us adults… we need it even more.

Check out these smiles! I am grateful for the chance to visit and see the investment in the children of Guatemala. Their joy increases my heart and strengthens my spirit. What is strengthening your spirit and increasing your heart?

ACD temporary classroom while construction is in process

Oh the joy of being on a swing with friends!
A puzzle of God’s attributes in Spanish. The children taught me a few words and helped me improve my language quest.
Beautiful gate of welcome at ACD
Remember what it is like when your teacher takes time to sit with you a while just because he/she enjoys being with you? Joanna and Valentin know Yazmin cares!

ACD Facebook Page. Click here to see recent posts and photos from ACD:

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