BLOG: Generations Rising

Lemoa is a sacred spot in Chichicastenango. It’s a retreat center belonging to the Metodista Iglesia. A small lake, giant pine trees and a stillness that brings peace. The Annual Conference gathering is here this week and we have come to participate today. Here we meet new friends and connect with old ones.

Young persons report in progress

A highlight for me today was a conversation with the young adults who God is stirring into relationship and service.

They shared the story of how they organized themselves into a group of 9 youth and then they began to reach out to others and invite them to come join them. They serve together. They pray together. They keep inviting others and they tell us that “God is creating a connection”. This is what the God of heaven is doing! Even though they are in different places, the desire to connect is strong. Their peers are responding. “I see a new generation rising up to take their place!” What a joy to encourage and pray with them. We hope to connect them with our students at Franklin First UMC this summer.

Pastor Jasón, Manuel, Víctor, Me, Monica, Abigail, Adolfo

The new Volunteers in Mission (VIM) Coordinator, Lourdes Mroczka, (LuLu) is here and she is awesome! She is a missionary with the Global Missions of the United Methodist Church. She is from Mexico and has served in Nicaragua, USA, and is now assigned to Guatemala. She gave an incredible report today about transparency, accountability and working collaboratively with many churches. Very encouraging.

Lourdes, VIM Coordinator of Guatemala
Lourdes and her husband Rich. He is also a missionary; from the Western PA Conference

The Call to Worship brings people in from their lunch conversations. The Bishop has taken his place. Presenters are sitting on the sides. The business of Conference takes place. Sometimes it helps perspective to see how other cultures express their faith and live their rhythms.

Dinner at Hotel Santo Tomas tonight with an FSU team working on their Masters in Urban Planning. Guatemala is their learning ground. Very good to see these students learning and becoming the leaders of tomorrow. God sure is changing our world. I hope our eyes and spirits are wide open.

Much good happened today. So grateful.

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