We voiced our thanksgivings during the last night devotion at Bambu.  I call it “The Report” because God gave us these beautiful minds that are designed to think, order, process and grow. So…this is a glimpse of that sharing.


The second floor of the building is up, aluminum is next and the room will be finished next week. Pastor Manuel’s work crew is amazing. We are so thankful to God for equipping the local people to do this amazing work. For us to be in a supporting, collaborative role is blessing upon blessing.

Those are are not afraid of dirt, hard work and love. Awesome Adam Fulton and Amazing Rachel Luna

The John Wesley Clinic is freshly painted, cleaned and READY to accept teams that want to come and be involved in the healing work of Christ in Guatemala. Salud y Paz is in charge of the use of that clinic and arranging medical missions. We pray for blessings to occur in that place often.

Adam Fulton ready for service!


Two days spent with the children of this special needs school connected our hearts in much deeper ways. The stories are numerous but one to share is this. An older student at Halo initially showed up there unable to speak and having been isolated all of her life because of her disability.  She came with a paper in her hand that had Jose Pablo’s name written on it.  He welcomed her in and during her experience of love, grace, teaching and acceptance, she has learned to read and write. And also to express the depths her life sorrow for healing. God bless the work that is happening in Halo Guatemala. It IS the work and grace of Christ healing the vulnerable one student at a time.


The medical mission concluded Tuesday afternoon after having triaged and treated 423 patients over five clinic days in the communities of Las Mantanita and San Antonio.  Can you imagine the blessing of these encounters?  Doctora Jenny and Nurse Practitioner, Mitzi provided healing and hope through their care. With the help of the Salud y Paz translators of Jose, Elsa, David and Luduin we were engaged in the healing of body, mind and spirit. Beautiful experience. One story from the last day is of a 6 year old child with cerebral palsy that had never been diagnosed or explained to the mother. She believed she had done something “wrong” to cause his CP.  A word of hope; an affirmation of love & caring; a prayer before leaving….these are the moments we see God changing lives forever. Changing us all.


The team installed 20 stoves in the communities where Pastor Manuel’s and Pastora Catalina’s churches are well established. This labor love offered the team “in home” time with families they loved to meet. On the last day of stove installation there was time to revisit those homes were installation was complete.

Cooking on the new stove!

What did they see?  Women cooking with joy for their families. I was able to visit one that was near the John Wesley clinic. She was SO HAPPY! And dinner looked fabulous! Some of the comments: “Now I won’t have smoke in the house anymore!”  “I can boil water faster”.  If you can just imagine the way this changes a family’s life; it is trans formative in every way. Blessings.


In the moments between work this team experienced so many “God moments” we cannot count them all.  Singing in the waiting rooms; playing ball in the backyard; hearing Kum By Yah being sung like a choir or Alabare bursting out as if the whole world needed to hear the praise to God…amazing. The heat of Mazatenango is nothing compared to the joy and grace of Christ so alive in that land and people.

Jenny Franke


This mission team is incredible With 7 people from Central Presbyterian in Princeton, Kentucky and 10 more from Franklin First United Methodist Church; along with Adolfo of Guatemala who took care of us all the time with transportation, advice, help and friendship; and Miguel, a local Guatemalan friend who worked beside us every day,

Felipa and Carmelina cooking for us, Doris arranging for us…..this team has joined God here.  New friends have bonded forever. Spiritual gifts have bloomed and blossomed. Being the “body of Christ” has shown us all how beautiful it is when every person simply offers what God has give them to share: presence, preaching, encouragement, leadership; helping; singing; playing; building; communicating; ordering; cooking….it is endless.

Felipa frying empanadas for breakfast
Visit from Pastor Sebastian, Pastora Mercedes and Doris de Leon of the Naciaonal Metodista Iglesia de Guatemala

We celebrated communion together before leaving Mazatenango. We celebrated Christ. We celebrated being involved in the presence of Christ on earth. We celebrated the work of the saints of God who have gone before us and the many that will come after us. Our hearts are full of love and thanksgiving. May all of this increase with Joy. Let it be.

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