Disappointments: Our Plans; God’s Plans

Joe Holmes & Richard Fronseca in waiting room

One of our morning devotions by Joe Holmes invited us to consider that the reason why we came may not be the reason we are here. I loved that teaching; it is SO TRUE!  This team has been so open to be surprised…to learn something new…to be changed.  One of our team members, Emily Browder, has been wanting to come to Guatemala since she heard about Ezekiel who attends school at Halo Guatemala. (you can read more about that story in the Guatemala 2011 category on my blog).  So when Emily and a few other members of the team spent 2 days at Halo this week, she was very disappointed when Ezekiel was not there!  She had come so far, to meet this young boy and to communicate with him in sign language.

God’s plans….trump ours EVERY TIME! Annie B and Emily White with new friends


Emily Browder & Ezekiel

Last day at the John Wesley Clinic in San Antoino.  Our work is wrapping up and a few team members are “hanging out” in the waiting room as we continue to see patients.  Emily B is one of those team members. And guess who shows up?? Ezekiel, his mom and several of his brothers and sisters!  My view from the triage room allowed me to see the Joy coming from Emily hands, eyes and face as she and Ezekiel spent the afternoon talking, laughing and learning from each other.  This was so much better than seeing him at school in a classroom with many others. God provided exactly what was needed at just the right time. We continuet to be humbled, grateful and overwhelmed by the goodness of Christ.

Waiting Room Blessings! Jenny Franke and new friends


Magdalena & family

Joe, Jenny, Miguel, Gretchen and Annie B! The Waiting Room of Blessing