The Team

Every team is different. We tend to want to “repeat” experiences because they blessed our lives and we want “more” of the blessing God is giving.  So it’s important to remember that each team is new, unique and specifically equipped to join in what God is already doing in the places and people we encounter. Every time!


God calls us by name. The Spirit equips us for what we are to share of our lives. Each expression of the Spirit is the presence of Christ among us.  I thank God for bringing this team together for God’s glory and our transformation. A special thanks to all who have traveled with us in prayer, in hope and in love.

Before leaving San Antonio. This is in front of the John Wesley Clinic
Mitzi, Annie B and Gretchen
Emily White…her second time in Guatemala
Doris & Peter…Happy 1st Anniversary!
views from Antigua




VIM visit at the clinic


Emily B; Emily W; Lori and Melinda
this is how we roll

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