The miracles happening through Lalgadh are too great to capture. We are seeing and sharing glimpses; it is only a tiny part of what has happened since Eileen Lodge felt “called” to build a leprosy hospital on this 100 acre ground. Each day of our time here has added to the story being shared. It is a story of redemption, a story of grace….a story of miracles. Yesterday several of the staff shared testimonies of how they came to Christ through their work here. What powerful witnesses they are to God’s amazing grace!

Hugh reminds us that we are seeing and meeting the “untouchables” in Nepal. And the untouchables are beautiful. The “untouchables” are being equipped and empowered and set free to lead their families and villages and districts and regions …and country to an abundant life. Lalgadh is the place where many show up, but it is not the place they stay.

Leprosy patients have to have newly customized shoes about every 6 months to care for their feet through the healing process. The Mahara men are the shoemakers at Lalgadh. They make about 3000 pairs of shoes each year. 

The Self Care Training Center is more than occupational therapy. It is life coaching, it is restoration, it is where the “untouchables” find out they are worthy, loved and able to have full life. It is a place where Hope begins to emerge. Clients stay here two weeks in dormitory accommodations. They learn to cook without burning their hands that have often lost all feeling from the nerve damage or may have fingers missing. They learn exercises to help their various conditions. They learn how to prevent foot ulcers by taking care of their feet. They learn how to love themselves after having been told they are untouchable. The words of Jesus shout, “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!”  The program, called RECLAIM, begins at the Self Training Center.

Exercise class in progress



“Love one another as I have loved you, and love your neighbor as yourself” – Jesus.

Lalgadh loves people as Christ has loved them. They learn to love themselves. Then they love others and share hope through the villages. Then miracles overflow.


There is an inpatient ward and an outpatient ward. The records room holds about 40,000 records. They see 60,000 patients a year through the Outpatient Department. With 108 staff members at Lalgadh,  and living accommodations for many on campus, the community is a family of strength and blessing. Daily devotions for the hospital and Friday night devotions for the staff are the more organized gathering times. But several times during the day evening I can hear the sound of Nepali voices singing hymns and praises. This sound we will never forget. 

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