Delayed in Nepal

Janakpur, Nepal

We were laughing over breakfast when the conversation drifted to possible delays in getting out of here. Guess what? When we approached the gate at Janakpur airport (for a flight to Kathmandu) they told us our flight was delayed for a few hours. No problem. We came over to Hotel Welcome where we have been given a conference room with free wifi.  But then we learned the runway at Kathmandu has still not cleared and hopes of it getting clear today are quickly disappearing. Hmmm….we may be stuck for a while.  There was a bad plane landing on Tuesday this week and the airplane is still on the runway. From the pictures we’ve just accessed it appears the Kathmandu airport is not really equipped for any such even as this.

Bill found this travel blog about the situation:

So…it’s a blessing this little team has become a covey of friends.

Sarah, Vona, Alan, Bill, Jim, Shannon, Neal


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