Wells We Didn’t Dig

…”to drink from wells they did not dig.”

This is the scripture (Duet. 6) chosen by Dr.Daniel and Mary Ann McGinley for thier wedding This past June. I remember being so blessed by this during the months we prepared for their wedding covenant. As we walked through the village to see the wells this scripture was in my heart and mind. A couple of generations from now people will be drinking from these wells that didn’t dig them. They will have water because this generation rose up and did something as a community. The fruits of their courage, unity, sacrifice and hard work will bless thousands and ten thousands yet to come.

I wonder if heaven might be full of these wells? The places where God did amazing work through people of faith so that others could have life.  As we walk through the village and down paths of water flow I have a sneaking feeling Christ is walking with us.

What generations dug wells that you drink from every day? What wells are you digging for those who come after you? 

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