Nokailva Village

Diltoahiya was affected by leprosy. She knows the suffering. She knows the stigma. She knows the need. A widow and a woman in a Hindu culture. By all “norms”, Diltoahiva wouldn’t have much to live for. But Diltoahiva experienced Lalgadh were cure is only one stop, and restoration of hope and life is ongoing. Today she serves as a leader in the village of Nokailva. She came there to help the people. It is her gift with her life.

Hand pump

In Nokailva we find 6 hand water pumps and 10 toilets. We see children clean and dressed. We see a teacher, Ram Chandra who is giving his best knowledge to a community he doesn’t belong to. We meet the woman who received a micro loan of $50 three years ago, who will be buying a house this year. We see the bubbling up of empowerment as the women tell us of all they have done to improve their basic living conditions in the village. Our hearts are so touched by these people.

Women of Nokailva Village


In Nepal there are the “untouchables”. In Jesus’ day they often used the word “unclean”. In the village of Nokailva the “untouchables” have become touchable. The “unclean” have become clean. How? Why? Because those who could…crossed the border of old and stepped into a new thing God is doing. God is equipping people with enormous love for others. And it is changing the world.



Diltoahiva and a beautiful Nepali woman


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