Chepkat Village




Chepkat’s Rural Health Facilitator was once a patient at Lalgadh Hospital. He was given medicine for the cure of leprosy but returned later with ulcers on his feet. This is a common occurrence. The staff at Lalgadh saw something in Kalam that he could not see himself. You might say they could see a light that had never been lit. They cared for him and showed him love and grace. They taught him what it meant to take care of himself. Kalam began to believe he could make a difference. If he could take care of himself, maybe he could teach others how to take care of themselves.

Through the Self Care Training Center at Lalgadh, Kalam was equipped to lead others. Today he has been without ulcers for 13 years. He serves as a Rural Health Facilitator for the Chepkat Village. By every “norm” Kalam would not be leading this community – but empowered with Hope and by God’s grace – he is. Kalam is Muslim. He is giving leadership in a Hindu village, having been cared for and equipped by a Christian organization.  The women in this village are stepping up into leadership. They have put in 15 toilets on their own. They have 12 hand water pumps. Their children are going to school. This village is churning with Hope.

Toilet in Chepkat

When asked what their greatest need is: 1. A teacher for thier children; 2. More savings; 3. Better roads.

We started this day, March 4, worshipping with the hospital patients and staff. We sang hymns, each in our own language. We prayed the Lord’s Prayer, each in our own language. We said this is heaven on earth.  We ended the day with a devotion by Allen from Matthew 25 about feeding the hungry, healing the sick, visiting those in prison. What we saw at Chepkat tells me the kingdom of God is very near, is now here, is coming. For what we see is not “normal”. What we see today is something greater than what we know. Love has spilled out over the barriers of history, culture and stigma. Love is healing in the face of leprosy. Love carried us across the ocean to Nepal. Love will do what love will do. God is love.Let it be.

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