Tables in Nepal

Guest house table

I have long been suspicious that the meals we share are holy moments that offer blessing we need. More than food for fuel, we have a common need for community, for friendship, for grace. The tables we are sharing in Nepal hold a gift each time we gather.

Meal with Lalgadh Hospital Leaders

Dining hall meals are prepared for us and we feast on curry and a host of Nepali dishes most of us have never tasted. Bill and Hugh are quick to encourage us to try the new thing…and there is always something new! Hospitality at Lalgadh is abundant, peaceful and beautiful.

Picnics in the eucalyptus forest are a bit enchanting. I could sit here and write a story I’m sure…one I wouldn’t want to end. The feast follows us here as our drivers appear from the back of the jeeps with pans full of hot curry, rice, vegetables and tortillas. ¬†Prayers of grace under the eucalyptus trees…new friends gathered and conversation laden with thankfulness. We are here; it is a holy moment; it is the grace of God.

Picnic in Eucalyptus Forest

Breakfast in the guest house is Diana’s creation. The guest house was the home where she and High lived for there first years here. It is lovely. The guys come from their house and our table is filled. Coffee is our common blood. Mornings come with their own blessing. Our sleep is sweet, our food plentiful, our fellowship a treasure. Christ is present. What’s happening at your table today?


Village of Tulasi table
Kishori’s village table


One thought on “Tables in Nepal

  • Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful pictures Vona. It’s our opportunity to see a part of the world, we’d otherwise never see. Thanks also for sharing in yours and other’s experiences… for hope and encouragement.

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