Morning in Dubai

The sun is rising here and already it is a morning of blessing.  I woke early for my quiet time and was welcomed by the sound of the prayers coming from….where? It is almost as if they are coming from the air. They float out and everyone hears the chant.  It was the same yesterday as we walked off of the airplane and onto the bridge connecting us. Prayers.

So this morning as I found my way to my prayer space, I was hearing yours. It changes my sense of God. It reminds me, once again, how small God can be when I only hear, see, experience one tradition.  And yet, it is my tradition that grounds me and guides me on the path. I suspect God is big enough to hold us all and I am certain that Jesus is walking through this moment with us.

We fly to Kathmandu today which is in Nepal.  (Dubai is in an area called the United Arab Emirates). Mount Everest is out there and if it is clear we may see much of it when we land.  Anticipation is great.  There are 7 of us on this mission learning excursion.  The three of us, and four members of the American Leprosy Board.  Today we will meet with Hugh Cross, the leader of the mission in Nepal. When he visited our church we were all blessed. What grace of God for us to now be visiting him in his “church”.  Prayers and Peace for the day!


One thought on “Morning in Dubai

  • May God bless and keep you securely in His care while serving Him through your care and service to those in need!

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