Raining in Kathmandu

We arrived in the fog and rain. Everest was hidden from us, as are many other things. We arrive late..wait a long time for 2 bags that didn’t make it…and ultimately land at our hotel in Kathmandu. It is a welcome and enchanting site after 2 days of travel. The rain outside my door sings a cultural melody..of slower pace…of peace..a gentle “welcome”. I came with a carry on and backpack, like everyone else, and already I feel that I packed way TOO much! Do we ever learn simplicity?

Hugh and Dianna

We met up with Dr. Hugh Cross and his wife Diana. Over a Nepali dinner we hear more of their personal story that led them from Zimbabwe to Nepal via a school in Britain where they met, fell in love, married and began an adventure of a liftetime. Hugh became interested in “walking” after 17 years of being a shepherd. His podiatry education led to a PhD and eventually (as all God stories tend to be) to the American Leprosy Mission throughs Asia. From the beginning he was mesmerized and “called”  to leprosy.

The Internet connection is bad so this post is written at 1am Nepal time on March 2nd. When it goes “live” is yet to be seen. Ben and Kate Heacock are on my mind. If they were here we would be finding a way to access Mt. Everest before leaving. As it is, I am thankful just knowing it is somewhere near and probably, without even knowing, I will stand in its shadow this week. Let it be.

3 thoughts on “Raining in Kathmandu

  • I was just thinking I’d love to see pictures………..
    but who needs pictures…you have a way of painting the pictures with your words
    I’ll keep reading

  • Received March 1, 8:14 pm. What an adventure!! God is leading you to great things.

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