A Night of Flying

A Night of Flying: Arrival in Dubai

Do all adventures begin with a need for sleep? In every way I am thankful for 12 hours of flying time to catch up on sleep and rest. The confines of my airplane seat are not an enemy today; it is, instead, the cocoon that wraps me up and holds me until I am rested and ready for the landing that is soon to come.

We don’t know what this adventure holds. There are three of making the journey. We are the eyes and ears of the body of Christ we know in Franklin,TN. We only have the heart of our church, ourselves and the spirit of Christ to carry with us. We come with no expertise. We come with no answers even though we understand our church’s financial support has been a small part of an answer to the leprosy villages in Nepal.

But we have never had leprosy. We have never been to the Eastern part of the world. We haven’t studied leprosy or transformation of communities or Nepalese. We have never been shunned and isolated form our communities. We have not suffered physically to the point of losing not only our physical health, but also emotional and spiritual health. We are not even completely sure how we ended up on this adventure, and yet, we are arriving. I call it the grace of God. Our minds are open and our hearts are ready…to be changed.

We three…different perspectives, different life experiences…united in the love and grace we find unrelenting. Dr. Jim McGinley is a general practitioner that arrives with a mandolin and great sense of humor. Shannon Bennett, who serves on our Missions Team for church, carries the enthusiasm and spirit of adventure that invites you into miracles. We met up with 4 members of the Amercian Leprosy Board and they will be our companions for the remainder of the time. As Christ has loved us, so we are compelled to love others. Let it be.

3 thoughts on “A Night of Flying

  • Best Wishes to you and your companions Vona with your mission……..please keep us informed when you can, of your experiences

  • Vona,
    You and your team are in my prayers as you travel and minister to those who the world has forgotten. Express to all you travel with and meet our love and support.
    Bless You
    Allen Black

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