The Wedding Liturgy….Again!

There may be nothing more humbling than the practice of the wedding liturgy. Because it represents so much of our human experience, our human hope. It is the poignant moment of standing with these couples and knowing their stories…THAT moment takes me down to my knees. I remember this bride in 6th grade standing in the hall at church looking for a ride home. I remember that groom sitting at the piano making music. I remember your growing pains, your spiritual journeys and now we keep arriving at the altars where vows of lifetime commitment and love emerge. Your lives change. Forever.

From this day forward…
Honor, cherish, comfort, keep…
With all that I am and all that I have…
I honor you.

It is hard to forget the intent of the covenant of marriage when I am constantly standing at the altars with couples who come to make the covenant. Oh yeah….that IS part of the promise…in sickness and in health. Cherishing IS part of the deal. Honor IS part of the deal. Choosing to be Christ to one another…that IS part of the deal.

I am not the one taking these vows today but I am being refined and sharpened with every word. There is no escaping the promises. The living out of those vows will smooth the rough edges of those who live them. Their hearts will be like the stones in a river that have accepted the current’s refining. Their strength and beauty will increase. What was once “being in love”, becomes a treasure no words can measure. Grounded in God who is Love. Not a bed of roses; but a refuge experiencing God’s love while living in the world together.

And if not…as sometimes happens; If not, there will be crashes. But the river will find another course because Love does persist. Serving as a pastor is the most grounding experience of my life. Daily surrender. Daily confession. Daily awareness of my weaknesses and equally aware of God’s grace to disguise them in divine strength. I live the words Paul penned for us: “My grace is sufficient for you; for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (II Corinthians 12:9) My life changes. Forever. Every time. Let it be.

6 thoughts on “The Wedding Liturgy….Again!

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    Today’s post is shared from my dear friend. Her thoughts on love, marriage and the covenant of marriage are worth your time – and mine. She performed our wedding liturgy just over a year ago. I love that I share my journey – including my marriage ceremony with her.

  • We were discussing this today, oozing at Carrie’s wedding pics. You have been such an important part of our lives, including marrying two of our children. We could not have asked for more beautiful ceremonies than what you gave us. Your intimate knowledge of our trials and joys made for amazing grace at these wonderful transitions. We approach each wedding with a re dedication to our own vows. It is so good. We need to go to a wedding every few weeks!

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