Water for my Soul

The rains of Latin America are different. I can only speak from Nicaragua and Guatemala. It is like the heavens open and a river flows from it. Powerful, destructive, life-giving…..RAIN! I am always happy for it, though it changes everything, a bit like snowflakes (no blizzard required) change everything in Tennessee. The rain in these other countries beg me to come in the streets and walk. They entice me to remember the joy of playing in puddles and being muddy with creation. Rain also reminds me of tears. The tears of war pour down in Nicaragua. They pour out in Guatemala. Sometimes they pour out in me….maybe also in you.

On the way to Maria's...
On the way to Maria’s…

I’ve come to see tears as water for our souls. God created us with them and gave us moments when they well up and pour out; much like a river that cannot stop itself from flowing. The rain this morning takes me back to just a few days ago when we encountered the pouring rain in Guatemala. Every team got soaked, some more than others. On this particular day, a few of us were walking through the jungle path to visit the home of a young girl who wanted to come home with us. She showed up on our worksite ready to go. We know her; and she knows BJ from team’s past. At first glance, if we had only had time to listen to her once and not visit her home, we would have left saying, “She needs the USA”. But that is not what Maria needed or wanted. She needed Love. A little encouragement that she, in her child-like wisdom, knew would heal her.

The rain is watering the earth for life this morning. And when we have tears – like some shed for Maria, or like we release when an experience is too beautiful to contain, or when the land cries from the shedding of blood; no matter what, our souls are being watered. And after the rains…we bloom, a bit like flowers. God’s bouquet. Praise God for the rains and for tears! maria in the rain

Blooms of Nicaragua, 2008.
Blooms of Nicaragua, 2008.

2 thoughts on “Water for my Soul

  • Tears as water for our souls – very good. Makes me also reflect on Sunday’s Pentecost sermon and the storms of Acts 2 and the Holy Spirit. Dear Lord, I think that You know what type of storms to put in our life, when & where. They cleanse our souls and make us better – eventually.

    Thank you Lord & thank you Vonna.

  • Yes…rains change our plans. Slow us down. But I live in drought. The desert is a lonely, harsh place. Give me rains! Give me growth and life. We need streams in our deserts. Thank you Vona for a reminder of God’s works in our lives.

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