Estufa y Bendiciones

Stoves and BlessingsJenny 1

stove team picOur stove team is having an awesome experience. Rain, sunshine, tools working, tools not working. But more than anything what I’ve heard from them is the humility of being served. Rachel has had someone carrying her backpack every day. Pastor Felix and his son, Luis, and later other sons, have joined their work each day. This is the practice we want: working side by side with our Guatemalan friends. The LORD is good to allow it. It is a humble hospitality that welcomes foreign teams into homes…into the holy space. We are grateful for the welcoming.

steve stove 1Pappa Grande (AKA Steve Fulton) is many things for our team and his passion for the stove project has kept him on that site each day. He has provided “momentum” when they were going uphill and “momentum” when they needed to stop. Steve’s mind and attention to detail are a blessing for us.

Gloria; Jorge and Sherri.
Gloria; Jorge and Sherri.

stove team 2 Jorge Berrios is on his third international mission, first time in Guatemala. He is of the Las Primeras Iglesia in Nashville. His work on the stove team has been fabulous, providing interpretation and presence, in addition to the task. And Jorge brings blessings to us back at the base. Jorge has a beautiful gift of singing. He has shared several songs with us in prayer and to encourage. He is compassionate and respectful with the people. He teaches us with his life. Having him here means we see more of God because he shares what God has given him to share. WE met through Pastora Myriam last year and the three of us have committed to continue creating environments where multi-cultures can find a common peace and joy in serving together.
stove home
steve fulton and kid

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