The Equipping

Today we experienced a wonderful blessing of God. We were in the San Antonio community and specifically in a church called “Iglesia Evangelica Nacional Metodista Jesus El Buen Cristo”. This is the church I wrote about a few months ago, where the pastor had died and the wife, Catalina, had offered her gifts to continue leading the church. Pastora Catalina is being “installed” on Sunday as the lead pastor of this congregation. Today we were there to lead a Woman’s Circle and engage with the children. We did not ever expect what really happened!

The women that came for the Womens' Circle
The women that came for the Womens’ Circle
Pastora Myriam began teaching the women. Gloria began teaching the children. Soon the Spirit was moving and all types of things began to occur! A crowd of about 75 gathered. The women were praying with power and eager spirits.
The children that came for teaching and singing and sharing!
The children that came for teaching and singing and sharing!
The children began to sing and they opened their hearts to yearn for more. I asked them, “what is that you want?” They want us to teach them the Bible. They want to sing in English. They are eager and ready. We allowed them to ask our teenagers questions and we asked them about their hopes and dreams. When we asked them what they wanted for their churches they said, “for them not to close.” What do they love about their country? “Unity, respect, love, friendship, solidarity, and justice”.

Three young men God is equipping: Marvin, Moises and Elias
Three young men God is equipping: Marvin, Moises and Elias
Three teenage boys showed up and stood on the periphery listening closely. When we needed chairs, they set them in place. When we needed help carrying things, they offered their hands. These young men were hungry for God. They stayed the whole time so I asked them to help with several things. And then they wanted to engage in the hand activity…where we were placing our hands of prayer on a cloth as a physical act of solidarity and love. The women had a cloth, the children had a cloth, and we gave these young men one of their own. They wanted to make a clear sign of their presence, commitment and desire. I don’t know how to type the Joy I have over this. As Pastora Myriam put it so perfectly, “God is calling his daughters”; and as I have seen over the past 3 years, God is calling the youth!

There is a clear movement in the body of Christ all over the world! A new generation is rising up and the LORD is equipping many of all ages to embrace, empower and prepare them. Today we have seen a bigger picture of an unfolding miracle of God. My heart is full of joy. childrens hands
guys hands
joy of girls

In the end we formed a huge circle that wrapped around the entire church and we all prayed. Let God do with us whatever God will. Amen. prayer circle


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