Billy Graham Cove pumpkin
Ghosts and goblins
pumpkins and mums
fall leaves bursting in color,
with nature offering
its poems and hums
Where would we be
without Octobers?

Chill in the air and
Clear skies at night
Friends gathered for
conversation, wine and
of sharing a
new October.

You have never been here;
Though I have long since known
the gift of Tennessee
autumns to see
how my heart has grown
since spring.
And yes! The leaves…
My how they’ve changed!

girl pumpkin
Costumes and candy
carving pumpkins with songs
knocking on neighborhood
we look to see
where our mask

In a sea of disguises
on the wake of storms passing
We share coffee and suppers
quite nearly surpassing
the boundaries
of pain
Disappointments and tears
Casting off the old
Letting go of our fears.

It is autumn
It is color
It is f a l l I n g
this October
It is Grace.

Vona Rose Wilson, 2014.
man pumkin

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