The Arrival

I love the challenges of being away from my comfort zone….kind of:). It’s good for me because I realize how dependent I am on comfort. My keyboard needs recharging and I didn’t bring the charger. Typing by fingers ….a writers nightmare. I say this only to excuse myself from errors I don’t nab time to correct:). 

First bus ride...before they know how hot this bus can get!
First bus ride…before they know how hot this bus can get!
The team is here and all arrived with humble, grateful spirits.  This is wonderful – God can do anything with us if we remain in this way. We were welcomed to the hospitality of La Semilla – a seminary in the city. It is a beautiful place of peace. Pastors come here (20 seminary students) and they serve as hosts for other individuals and groups with the same purpose.  We had dinner here last night and will eat breakfast before journeying on to Mazatenengo, which will be out “home away from home”. La Semilla

We toured the Moore Pediatric Surgery Center in the late afternoon.   It is a special place and I’ve blogged about it before so you can read more if you desire. This was the first time I’ve been able to take a full team to see it. This mission offers surgery to the poorest of poor in Guatemala. Surgery teams come from the USA and give their time and expertise. It is operated and led by Guatemalans; staffed with locals as well.  We noticed Belmont University’s logo in their Farmacia and learned a pharmacy student from the University is placed there each semester. Vanderbilt, of course, is also a major partner. This center is a place of healing and peace.

Mural in the Chaplain's room
Mural in the Chaplain’s room
 We left many pillowcase dresses for the staff to give to the children that come for surgery. It will give them such delight to receive this love at a time when they don’t feel good!  The women of our church and the church in Tullahoma provided these gifts. This is when you love the “United Methodist” connection so much…we reach so far together in ways we could never do apart. You can google The Shalom Foundation to learn more and see the leaders behind this great mission. Their executive office is in our home town of Franklin, TN.  Pray for them – this place is a huge blessing in Guatemala. I will write of their shared wisdom later. 

The dental team went on to. Mazate last night and begin a clinic today. We will all reunite soon. We have stove installation training this afternoon and a welcome gathering Ina new community where we are installing stoves. The rain came last night in the city so it will be fun to see if it also arrived in the rural areas. I love the rains of Latin Amercia. They have a way of reminding us that God’s creation of nature is bigger than us…(uncontrolled by us) and yet we are invited straight into its beauty, its strength and its power.  What Grace! 

Prayers of safe travels today, for health and for our love to increase. I am so grateful for all who helped bring this particular mission into being. Let it be. 

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