In your honor…

I lost my whole blog post draft from last night. Aghh!!! Maybe I will recreate later….

We have arrived at Bambu and had a brief visit with Zunilito Pastor Felix and his son, Luis late yesterday. It was really wonderful to see them again. They are new friends for us…adding to the amazing people we love in Guatemala. We sat down and visited with the rain pouring on the tin roof. We shouted our words of thanksgiving and joy. A young boy offered us little berries from the tree; yummy! Zunilito visit 1The dirt floor of the church had been paved over with concrete, like a patio floor. Beautiful and smooth. Steve asked about it. “We did it in your honor so you feet would not get dirty.” These words humbled all of us. And as I type I can see Jesus taking the towel and basin to wash the feet of the disciples. My feet are dirty today. We’ve been a lot of places. It’s hot and sticky. What an honor just to be here. The giving and receiving is a circle without end, but I am receiving so much more. Only God can do such things.

paint purchaseA trip to the modern “ace hardware” helped us get all the supplies for the mural. We are ready! One of the girls working at the store used to work with Halo Guatemala. It was good to reunite with her. Remember…this is a town, a community. We are slowly becoming part of it. A little more than “visitors” and a lot more like friends coming through. God is so faithful to weave these relationships.

In my room at Bambu there is a picture of a lovely orchid and a word from Isaiah about trust. Imagine that! God is clearly preparing us for these days. Bambu orchid Pray for us all to keep trusting!

Lastly – we ended the day with Tres Leche cake in honor of Mom’s birthday on the 26th. Never lose an opportunity to celebrate the life of someone you love. Life is short, fleeting and beautiful. Live it with honor and honor those around you; it’s never the wrong thing to do. Tres Leche cake “Those who honor me, I will honor” – I Samuel 2:30b

One thought on “In your honor…

  • Vonna, thanks for your posts and the pictures. Blessing to all of you and the work you’re doing in Guatamala.

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