My reading this morning is in Proverbs. I love this book of the Bible. As much as we all strive to “know” or “discern” the path for our lives…just a read through this book a few times each year has a clear way of grounding me. We all want to know our path. But isn’t it so easy to look for answers in every other place except the source of the one who created us?

Image“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your path.”

Really? Trust…acknowledging God…these lead to a straight path?  This has long  been one of my favorite teachings (Proverbs 3:5) and I have to confess that I need to be reminded of it often. It is a true teaching. I have lived it and it is true.  But maybe we think that “straight path” is an easy path, or it doesn’t have any challenges. Maybe we convince ourselves that following Christ means life becomes a magic carpet ride. But that would be our own thinking; it is not the way of God.  The verb “trust” lets us know straight up:  there will be a need for it. Right?  It’s like faith.  Trust means we choose, in a moment of uncertainty or challenge, to remain steadfast to the way God is guiding us. It means in the dark, we trust God is with us even when we cannot see or sense God’s presence. It means we leave the details for the Spirit to work out and we stay humble, faithful and open to whatever happens. Humility and obedience are sisters of Trust. Faith is it’s foundation. Jesus had to trust the Father as he carried his cross to the place where they would take his life…

I’ve learned to say these words in my prayers:  “Lord, we trust you completely”… and I have found this surrender to lead me on paths I would have never found on my own.  If you are seeking a “straight path” or a life of wisdom and peace, a good beginning is written down for you in the third chapter of Proverbs.  It’s an adventure with a safety net! Let it be.



2 thoughts on “Trusting…

  • I have read and quoted Proverbs 3:5 for years. Reading it yesterday, coupled with the sermon on Sunday was an awakening. I do not have to understand why I didn’t walk with God for many years. I just have to confess, ask His forgiveness and trust. I have long ago done the first two but had trouble trusting that I was His still. I was trying to understand the why when all I had to do is trust.
    My heart is more at peace than it has been in years. I do not have to understand! Trust completely is enough.
    Thank you for the words of God. Love you so deeply.

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