All is Well

My blog app on the IPAD is upset so last couple of blogs are lost. If time allows I will recreate.  Our arrival to Bambu went smoothly and everyone is safe and settled.  We have breakfast in 10 minutes.  Last night we were hosted at a gathering in Zunilito which is the community where we will be installing 40 stoves over the next few days. It was amazing. They hired a band to come in and play for us. We had two preachers – Pastor Felix and his son, Luis. Luis preached, Pastor Felix gave speeches and the 40 women who will receive stoves he gave a word of thanks and hospitality. Very humbling! And delightful. This community has a wonderful heart and spirit.  We continue to be blessed by the friends and communities we know in this land.

Pictures and stories later.  Prayers are appreciated and welcomed!  Today:  Stoves; Dental clinics; Art mural; Women’s Circles….and whatever else God has planned that we don’t know about yet:)

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