Following the Star

It started several weeks before Christmas…and it continues.  Be aware to follow…and like the shepherds, the “wise men”…all those seeking, simply follow where the Spirit leads. Today we followed the star. Steve had an agenda (Steve being the lay person from my church who is here and planned the agenda) and although it was all created in a state of constant revision, when we began today we just agreed to follow it.  Following proved to be the right thing to do. 

Zunilito. It’s hard to explain but this certain Methodist church is on the priority list for the country. We simply went to see.  The “church” is not discoverable from the road.  We found it after Adolfo went on a little hike with a local stranger and then came back for us. We trailed down a little jungle path and tucked inside the huts, homes and flora, we emerged in a tiny spot of bamboo walls, beautiful art and a pulpit: the church. 

What happened next is just a move of the Spirit. A woman came and she immediately sent for the pastor. She was a lay person of this church with a spirit so strong and courageous there are not words to contain; I will not try.  What I will say is that God is so faithful and the prayers said today were beyond any of us…beyond words, beyond cultures, beyond everything we are, and totally everything God is.  

After the Spirit visited us in there, we had great conversation and sharing. It was a blessing and an encouragement to all of us.  Thankfully Adolfo and Chester were both with us to witness the good happening among us and to help as we shared.   As we walked back up the path we all were certain of what we had heard and seen. It is nice when things are clear.  We will be back to Zunilito. 





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