The Girls Room

On my grandparents farm in Western Kentucky there is a modest farm house where we gather for stories, food and encouragement.  In the earlier days, there was a back room distinctly named “the girls room”.  About 2 hours after arrival a whole pack of people would be “missing” from the living room and that was a sure sign that there was a meeting in “the girls room”.    

Last night I was taken right back to that memory as I sat up late telling stories, laughing, shedding a few tears and being overwhelmed by the friendships formed over the past 8 months.  Irene has known my church for many years, but we have only truly discovered one another on our own. She and her sister, Lucia, have become my “Guatemalan sisters”.

 Like my Pincho (my sister, Liz) and I, there was once a brother in the trio of children in their family; we share a similar grief and we share a similar joy.  God brings people into our lives with such grace.  I hope every family has a spot for telling stories and sharing life. I pray every person is open to the people God brings so carefully and beautifully into their life.  

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