Spreading Love

How do you package the joy of girls giggling in “pillowcase” dresses?  How do you write the gratitude in the smile of a child who knows someone truly cares about their dreams?  How do we fail to dream when God is so faithful to bring about the impossible?  We experienced all these things today (Monday) and more.  All I can feel is that the love of the church called Franklin First United Methodist is spilling all over Guatemala today. 

We learned of the pastor in a local Metodista church who recently died.  We were told his wife was stepping up to lead the church.  So we ventured into the neighborhood in hopes of making a brief visit to express sympathy and offer encouragement.  Thankfully, they welcomed us with stools to sit upon and sharing even their heavy hearts.  The wife was away – attending a conference of pastors; two of her daughters (and their children were home).  It was a little covey of 10 children – the other 5 were somewhere else today.  Oh my!  About 7 or 8 little girls flurrying around and they have no idea (nor did I know I would need them so badly!) that my backpack is full of pillowcase dresses.  

Before we left that home the girls were donned in dresses that were made with pure love.  Those dresses today were like prayer shawls being wrapped around a child of God where grief had tried to lodge but “love is stronger than death”.  I don’t know why Solomon’s song comes out …it is a spillover.  Prayers, tears, laughter and peace are here.  We share it all. 

Our visits to Halo Guatemala over the past three years now have been increasingly joyful.  It began with Ezekiel but, of course, now it is much more than one child. It is the school, the vision, and the special way God is offering light and love to these children.  Their mothers wait expectantly and full of hope as their children receive an education that will allow them to participate in the fullness of life.  We were able to see them sing their national anthem, say the pledge and engage in their classroom studies. Awesome. 

Herencia de Vida is a foundation here through which our church is sponsoring nine children.  Monday was the annual day of gathering for all of these students (about 60 students) here at the Bambu.  It was wonderful.  I have never had the opportunity to meet one on one with these students as this is an unexpected sponsoring that emerged last year.  What fun!  Discovering each one of them and meeting their moms.  Shared stories and dreams.  And lots of friends in that room full of people – from La Toma, San Antonio and even Xela.  God is so good.  

The Dickson Team (team 1) is here so we enjoyed devotions with them last night and a great supper.  Hospitality and grace. We are thankful for all. 

There was more in this day…a visit to La Toma, a palm farm drive through adventure and more than time allows for me to share. We are on “spillover”…it is a time to simply follow and trust in the Spirit’s river flow. 


One thought on “Spreading Love

  • Ugh, my heart is aching!! I’m in tears because I want so badly to be back there. Been obsessed with the Hillsong United song “Oceans.” I think you can related to the lyrics, ”
    Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
    Let me walk upon the waters
    Wherever You would call me
    Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
    And my faith will be made stronger
    In the presence of my Savior.”

    Love some extra for me!
    -Mamma Goose

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