It is good to land. There is something grounding about rising and setting with the sun….to experience it as God gives it to you.  It was cloudy flying out of Nashville but once we were above the clouds we experienced the sunrise. It was beautiful.  A clear reminder of the truth we already know….when things look difficult, scary, “cloudy”, there is always something more going on above. God is still creating, redeeming, innovating and moving.  I welcome these reminders! 

The sun was setting as we drove the way to Mazatenango. The road is better..progress. (this President is changing things) The sunset was so beautiful. I tried to capture a few pictures but over each hill and around the curves…its beauty was for my eyes, not for the camera. I tried and then I released my human “drive” and said to Adolfo: “I’m just going to enjoy it with my heart”.  And so we did. 

When I arrived in my room this piece of art was hanging on the wall. It seemed like that sunset to me…the colors, the shades…the words of the prophet Isaiah: “You will keep him in perfect peace, him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.”   Today I am going to be aware to follow wherever God leads….because I trust the one who created me. Let it be. 

One thought on “Sunset

  • Hi Vona,
    I didn’t know you were headed back to Guatemala. What is your mission this time? Please tell Adolfo and other dear Guatemalan friends that Sally and I send them our love and continue to keep them in our prayers. May God bless you in exciting new ways!!

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