Yesterday I was in a group conversation which ended with our Bishop blessing us by saying: “Go! Get out of here!”  Go to the neighborhood….go to the town…go to the places where darkness needs Light. Go wherever God sends us.  I hear his words, “we are a sent people”.  Yes, indeed we are “sent” people.  Wesley said it differently: “The world in my parish”.  I am helplessly that: a “sent” disciple into the neighborhood and into the world. 

This morning our church assembles to hear the Beatitudes shared from our pulpits as a theme of Love emerges.  There is an element of brokenness in all of our lives that needs to be touched by Love. That is the message and the “sending” is simple: go share that Love with your neighbor.  And I am between “here and there”, on my way to Guatemala….again. But it doesn’t feel like “leaving” …it feels like a connected “going”.  The church spreading out into the neighborhood.  How blessed I am to be able to “go”. 

Today I carry an expression of “Love” in my bag.  I have pillowcase dresses!  The Sewing Circle ladies from church have created these beautiful little dresses out of pillowcases and attached a card to each one.  I have this little feeling that I am carrying the love of our entire church in my suitcase.  Oh my….

3 thoughts on “Go!

  • Love! Expressed so many times in the Bible so many ways. We heard about love today. A kick-off for a “10 Commandments” series. I would not have thought of love as the theme of the 10 commandments, but of course it is. Love the Lord your God and Love your neighbor. All other commandments are based on this, as Jesus said. I am glad you are spreading God’s light and love to the world–in Franklin, in Guatemala, wherever you are. Vaya con Dios.

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