The Iron Did Swim: A day for Prayers

This morning when I got on the bus I didn’t have my phone. I was running to jump on because I was late. I had my phone in my hand while I was running but when I got in my seat – no phone. It’s my camera and my clock while I am here..I don’t have my texts or emails or calls “on” to receive.  No panic – but we searched my backpack and no phone.  Guatemala is not the place to lose anything if you want it back – no matter where you happen to be.

So I prayed…”the iron did swim”.  I learned this prayer several years ago from a wise and faithful lady; I have used it many times.  In II Kings 6 there is a story about the band of prophets losing a borrowed axe head in the river. In much distress they called for Elisha to come. Elisha came and placed his staff on the water and requested the iron axe head to float to the top. It did, of course, and the prophets praised God for such faithfulness. They were so relieved.  And so..I prayed. Aldolfo was not hopeful … if you  dropped it you will not likely get it back. 

Carmen from yesterday. She is with us everyday...very sweet

During the first session of VBS we got the call. A man that works at our hotel found my phone in the grass and turned it in! The iron did swim!! So I thank God for the opportunity to tell the story AND for the return of my phone!   Aldolfo said this was a big move of faithfulness for the hotel staff.  I look forward to meeting the man tomorrow (hopefully) that got involved in God’s answer to the prayer:)

And then..we had more opportunities for prayer when a board slipped off the roof and hit Howard on the head. It was hard enough to cause him to fall to the ground and the “Paramedic” in me to go into 911 mode.   He didn’t have a chance to do anything but be “OK” after we prayed, iced, and wiped sweat and dirt from his face. He was surrounded!  Thankfully, Robin (our team dentist) has many skills. He took a break from pulling teeth and put a few beautiful stitches in Howard fine head!  We are very very thankful.

Russell is cooking for Week 2 and we enjoyed supper tonight.  We are grateful and tired. But exceedingly happy and full of Joy.  Thanks to Jeanne for beginning our day with a wonderful devotion.

6 thoughts on “The Iron Did Swim: A day for Prayers

  • This is a powerful example of what happens when we pray the Word and have faith! The iron did swim! Keep blogging, we are all enjoying sharing your journey.

  • Amazing and powerful story. Thanks for sharing! You will not remember me, but I remember you and your family from my Princeton days. My sister, Teri Lowery, was friends with Liz. God bless you in your work there! We have a couple in our church who adopted two precious children from Guatemala. (And hold on to your phone next time! haha)

    • Bob, thank you for reading and commenting! Of course I know exactly who you are…hometown connections run deep. All of your family is very important to us and Margie…well… I still remember so many things we expereinced with her. I doubt any babysitter has ever had such a powerful impact on kids’ lives. I hope you and your family are doing well. Thanks for commenting.

  • We at home continue to keep you and the entire team in our prayers. May God even bless you more before you return safely home.

    • Frances, thank you for reading and for praying. Your prayers were so helpful. We know this because of the many doors opened for us while there. It will only increase as we pray and remain humble enought to follow.

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