The weekend in Chichicastatenango was a wonderful break and rich with the culture of Guatemala.   If I were to describe it all in two words it would be: Diversity and generosity.  There are two ancient churches there and a street market, thus our focus. 

The prayers and offering of incense

When we woke up on Sunday morning the entire air was filled with incense. The rituals began early. Jesus is carried in a small glass case surrounded by large colorful feathers. Three priest led the procession and stop at each church to offer incense and prayers to the North, South, East and West.

Incense and fresh flowers are offered all day to the glory and honor of Christ

I met Sam on the church steps as I was just soaking it all in. She is from France and traveling South and Central America for 12 months. We talked for a long time and shared perceptions of Guatemala, the world we’re living in now and what we think about the future to come.   The pictures possibly speak more poignantly than words can capture.

Many women came and sat with their flowers; some sold..some just sat


We visited a mission in ChiChi called Ruth and Naomi that ministers to women who are widowed or otherwise left behind. They help them get on their feet and find life again.  It is amazing how far-reaching the Methodist Church and its “cross and flame” truly is.  They prepared a wonderful meal for us and we purchased some of their home-made items to support the mission.

Aldolfo and his wife

Adolfo’s wife, Heidi and his three daughters joined us for the weekend and this was a great reunion for the “original” team and especially for B.J. who has spent a great deal of time in their home here in Guatemala.

Music played in our hotel by locals


There is a verse in Revelation 5 and 7 that points to a vision where all nations, tribes, races and languages are at the throne of Christ praising God. When I sit in the middle of diversity and see the generous expressions of culture and worship that are present in our world I know that God is giving us a portion of this right now, wherever we are.  And I pray we will have our eyes open to see the beauty. All is very well.

cucumbers and radishes
market booths

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