my favorite picture from today, Antonio

Today as we were leaving the work site, Edgar was walking beside me and he said, Iglesia!” and pointed to me.  Chester interprets: “church” .  Si…we are the church.   The dirt here does not overshadow the richness of the culture in color, joy and offering. The “offering” is allowing us to be here walking through the dirt yards, peeping into their lives for only a few days and somehow trying to make sense of the wide world we live in. 

Muy Bueno!

The Guatemalan people are a happy people. They are proud. Their opportunities are not the same as ours, but in many cases the work ethic, sense of family and community is humbling in the site of our ease to access most anything we may desire.

We did “the story” (lost sheep) again today and one of the classes was all cleaned up and ready for what the teacher said was like being “ready for the return of Christ”. They looked great – sang their hearts out and giggled with delight when the Good Shepherd found his lost sheep.  And then they expressed themselves with art and beauty and gratitude. 

Elvin, Eliva and Calvin


Each night we meet new people.  Each night Chester teaches more in the conversations around our table. This morning the cards from the Kabam Kids at church arrived on our doorsteps and it touched everyone so much.  It is so good to be connected to the church family while away. Your prayers and comments are wonderful.  

Jerry has worked like a trojan all week!

Tomorrow is the weekend and we are ready for the break.  We will travel to a Chichicastenango which is 2-3 hours from here and spend the night. The “attraction” there, as I understand it, is the market, which will be packed full of local merchants selling their food and wares.  It will be nice to see the landscape and to encounter more people. 

 Everyone is doing very well and the work is going very well.  Internet access is sporadic but we are thankful for it when it works! Blessings and Joy!

Woody, our leaderJoy at the work site
Joy at the work site

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