All things are possible…

Title:                     All Things are Possible

 Scripture           Mark 9:23

Jesus said to him, “If you are able! – All things can be done for the one who believes. 


Everything is possible with God. We can never limit His powere except for unbelief and not praying.  


Yesterday the Lord blessed us with making the impossible, possible. Chester (the translator) and I went into the 4th grade classroom of the La Toma school to teach an eager group of youth.  We had been with them a few days before as Sarah led the VBS team in singing. But my heart was  burdened to return because we saw their great desire for more.  So Chester and I went in and we began.  We let their ideas and thoughts guide the conversation.  We asked them what they thought was needed for a “good life” (they have a moral values class so we began with this common ground” and they had a long list of about 10-12 things. From there the conversation grew in depth.  We taught from Romans 12, Psalm 61,  and Jeremiah 29:11 to meet them where they were.  I wrote on the white board in English while Chester wrote behind me in Spanish. We did it!! It was SO MUCH FUN and such a blessing to us.  I am still overwhelmed with God’s faithfulness. 

We had asked this same class to express their faith in art the first day we were with them so we retrieved that art and will bring it home with us. We can pray for these youth as they grow in their relationship with God; we will share their names and art with anyone at church who is willing to go to God in prayer on their behalf. I am so grateful.


Father, I am completely confident in your abundant provision and your faithfulness to work miracles on earth. I love you. Thank you.


Trust. Trust. Trust.

2 thoughts on “All things are possible…

  • I hear the prayer of abandonment …esp in your prayer and yield….. I keep thinking what a difference is being made in the lives of these youth….. thanks be to God!

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