PEACE 2022

I confess to praying for snow. It is selfish and I know not everyone needs or wants it. I need the falling mystery that changes everything overnight. I welcome the joy of overwhelming delight; the invitation to play. I hope for it every winter and even in the quiet of the night, I sometimes pray, “Lord, if we can experience the snow, please bring it.” This morning we woke up to beautiful snow. How absolutely wonderful! A gift. 

I realize now that I was waiting for it…the snow. Perhaps even this particular snow on the 3rd of January 2022. The “word” for this year came a few weeks ago and was confirmed as we listened and let the days pass through the new year. The year of Peace. 

Jan 3 2022

Lord, we embrace the peace you give: 
Peace in your timing; it is perfect, we trust you. 
Peace in our life’s work; it is meaningful, we need it.
Peace with our pace; not ahead of you and never too far behind.
Peace in our serving; for your glory and never our own.
Peace in our location; for wherever you are and wherever you send us, is where we need to be.
Peace in our friendships; may they bless and encourage; sharpen and never harm.
Peace in our joy; let it come from deep wells of your grace, unhindered by circumstance.
Peace in our whole being; for how you created us is enough. We are formed in your image. 

Gracious Creator, give us Peace in our grounding of you
for though the mountains fall and the earth shakes 
though our spirits mourn and our hearts break
though our laughter is fleeting, our joy is unending
For in all of this:  
 – you are forever and ever our God. You do not leave or forsake. You are steadfast and trustworthy. You bring possibilities out of our impossibles. You redeem what we thought could never be. You pick us up, dust us off and call us beloved. You are the author and finisher of our faith. Our Savior. In you and through you, we find and hold our Peace. 

Welcome to the year of Peace. Whatever comes, we are confident of God’s holy presence with us.  

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