The Candle In my Kitchen

I learned the practice from a friend several years ago. When prayer is needed and it’s all you can do, light a candle and let it burn. Let it be a sign and a reminder to hold that person or situation in prayer as you go about your space. Trust God to hear your spirit and love to cover the gaps.

There is a candle burning in my space today. It’s for those I love who suffer, and those who are fulfilling dreams. For leaders trying to navigate an unknown future and healthcare professionals offering healing in whatever way they can. It’s for those whose past haunts them and for those courageously walking the path of recovery step by step. The candle burns with prayers for hope, healing, strength and joy. The candle burns with love. If it is all I am able to give, I trust God that it is enough. Light a candle. Pray. God will move mountains at just the right time and place to reveal the presence of Christ among us.

5 thoughts on “The Candle In my Kitchen

  • Thank you. This is a beautiful practice and one to remember.

    As I walk and pray, I stop at the door and invite a person or persons who are in need of prayer to walk with me.
    The year after I retired from teaching, I remember taking all the staff from my school on my walk on the first day of school. It brought joy to me.

  • Or…simply ask the Holy Spirit, who knows our hearts, and the heart of God, to pray for us. In groans. Romans 8:26-27.

  • I lived most of my life with the confidence mom’s candle was burning; which is to say I was always in her prayers. When she passed in January 2019 we sent every attendee of her funeral service home with a candle as a visual reminder to lift prayers of thanks for her life. Merry Christmas Vona!

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