The Midday Prayer

God of heaven, God of earth
God of all we know and all we cannot fathom:
Draw us in at midday
Give us pause in whatever we are doing
To say “thank you!”
To say, “help!”
To say, “glory!” for all you reveal and do with 
our broken, messy, beautiful, courageous lives. 
Where pain is so great words will not come 
bring peace to the silence.
Where joy is so strong that we move ahead too fast
bring wisdom to trust your timing. 
Where grief is overflowing
offer comfort in just the way it is needed.
Wherever you find us, in the middle of this day
Lord God of heaven,
remind the whole world of your presence. 
Set our feet on solid ground and shine your 
Light on the path before us.
We ask because you are so faithful to give
and we have no good apart from you.
Thank you, Lord, for holding your world
with grace and love. Amen. 

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