Snowy Morning on the River: A Prayer

No waiting for you
You were here long before me
I see you created space for me to come
Rest by your water and listen for your voice
Always welcoming me.
Thank you for softening my steps in the snow
For slowing me down long enough to ponder the
Grace you are offering;
It is as if you love me.
Perhaps you knew I would arrive this morning
Cold and desperate to breathe in your air
To hold the sights and sounds of you near my heart
Snow covering the trees, my faithful companions.

This is the prayer I offer – this very spot of life
God’s creative love poured out in the fog
Lingering above the river
Tree limbs bend in dance to touch the rising steam
Birds laughing for the joy of Presence.
More than my words will ever say
Deeper than my soul can see
Stronger than my heart can beat.
Be at Peace
Be loved.
Know that God is near.
Holy One, who knows us better than we know ourselves:
…thank you for this gift.

7 thoughts on “Snowy Morning on the River: A Prayer

  • Beautiful prayer. Descriptive of your personal spiritual experience at the snowy banks of a life-giving river. It is a reminder to take off our shoes because the ground on which we stand is holy. Nature is our reminder of God’s gift of the beauty which surrounds us.

    Excellent post. Thank you.


  • Thank you Vona! Beautiful! I took a few shots at our FFUMC Green Campus! ❄ I will be posting those later on our FFUMC Creation Care FB page. 🙏🌎

  • Vona, thank you. I am a follower from the Westhaven Hiking Team….
    Even tho the ground is cold, it is still holy. The temporary difficulty with the cold weather, impassable snow and chilly houses will pass, let us all remember that He giveth all and conquers all. Our top priority is not the weather, but the closeness of our walk with God.

    • Thank you to the Westhaven hiking team for keeping the Grassmere trail, Randy Ridge and all of it’s connectors intact and well marked. I have clocked alot of miles over there this past year. I am grateful that we have this gem of a trail system in our fair city, and grateful to the good Lord for the natural beauty that surrounds! 🙏🌎

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