The Night Prayer

The day and evening have slipped by
breezes blessed the walks at sunset
reminding our heart of the gifts that come
at day’s end.
We come before sleep
to leave at your throne, Jesus,
all that was this day.
We leave our joys, our sorrows
our questions, our anger,
the pending dreams.
We leave them safety and humbly with you.
YOU who know us better than we know ourselves.
YOU who love us the same on our best and worst days.
YOU who do not stop…you never stop
inviting us into your peace; your presence…
where there is fullness of joy.

We come at the end of evening
before sleep
before the hours of not sleeping.
We come to you
And we humbly and boldly ask at this late hour:
Father, give us peace for this night
refresh our spirits to meet the morning
with the same love and grace you have so generously
offered us tonight.
We love you, LORD, and we trust you completely.
We leave all that we love in your hands
There is no safer place for rest tonight.
Amen and Amen.

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