Morning Prayer

Sunrise in Tennessee

Lord, your love in the sunrise is beautiful; we thank you!
You offer us another day to walk the earth: we praise you!
God we ask you to guide our steps so that your grace is our guard on each side, no matter where our feet travel today.

Into classrooms and hospitals – please go before us in peace. Into businesses and construction sites – please set safety and clarity all around us. During moments of conversation we ask for honesty and resolutions. When decisions are made today, Holy Spirit, we welcome your wisdom to direct every word and action. We need you and we trust you. Where joy is needed and laughter is a blessing, please let your abundance overflow.

You have given us one more day as a gift of your patience and love; we yield ourselves to you, Holy God. Help us to live this day well. Guide us in living this day with peace. We pray in the name of the resurrected Christ, Amen.

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