Quiet Time

img_5497The morning quiet time. Breathe. Think. Pray. Time with God in nature and listening to the breeze in the trees;  whispers of the Spirit.  Being close with the deeper things of life.

I’ve been in this spot many times. It is part of the transition.  A few moments of saying “thank you” and taking time to remember the gifts. There are always more than I can count; now is no exception.

And here my spirit opens to what is ahead.  The transition and the days coming.  God keeps shaping my heart. Its landing place is wherever I sense the hand of Christ in mine, reminding me in each moment that there is no other place to be.  I’ve known for many years that my “call” is about obedience: wherever, however, whenever.  Hoping Jesus never lets me go.

God help us to hold on to you and trust you. We are all in different places and situations but you hold us right where we are and I don’t believe you ever let us go. Please let that truth be present for everyone who needs it today. We are crazy for you and we trust you completely! Amen and Amen.

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