We Believe in You

A great pleasure on Thursday and Sunday morning was meeting with several students who are studying for their futures. They are friends of our church and a complete joy for us. There is one message in my heart to share on behalf of the church: “We believe in you! So dream and study and trust God with what we are all doing together.” From the students in Xela, the young adults in Chichicastenango and more in Mazatenango…we are so blessed to be part of this journey! Grateful.

Jesus digo: dejen que los niños vengan a mi, y no se no impidan, porque el reino de los cielos es de quienes son como ellos. – Mateo 19:14

Helen, Zunilta, Hilda, Ángela, Edy, Manuel
Fellowship and sharing

Pastor Jasón and Summer receive these awesome banners!
Angela and Hilda: new friends on the journey
Pastor Jasón and Ángela
Valentín inspired us with his Scripture reading at ACD
Norris and his family fellowship with students from Herencia se Vida
John Hembree and his church fellowship with students they believe in
ACD students we believe in!

On the playground at ACD. So much joy!
Valentín opens us with Scripture

Rising stars at ACD!
The young adults of the Metodista Conference of Guatemala. Watch them rise!

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