BLOG: Grocery Runs

img_4061The plantains look promising. Thanksgiving is only 4 days away. Perhaps I can choose 4-5 of these Guatemalan fruits to contribute to our feast. I wonder. I choose them. I imagine cooking them just as my cousins have taught me. In reality I will be praying over the skillet something very holy like: “Lord, please make this all work out well!” I love Thanksgiving, don’t you?

I actually went into the grocery because I don’t think I have anything for breakfast tomorrow. I was out for another reason – this was just a convenient stop on my path. But because I live in a small town where the conversations never cease, I left the grocery with plantains for Thursday; with a baptism schedule for a new infant connected to our congregation; and a renewed connection with a musician who will come and offer a song to bless our worship. That is why I never stop being amazed at the way God works! Grocery runs are never about what I need in the kitchen.

I have plantains. But I came home with so much more. And I totally forgot to get anything for breakfast! Somehow this all gives me great peace.

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