Wisdom Sources

Sometimes I find myself listening to others who are finding their way through paths of life I’ve already walked. Maybe it happens with you too. The more experiences we have, the more we find ourselves in the repeating scenario. Patterns, history and learning come around…again and again. Occasionally we grow a bit in wisdom, though humility begs to remain a constant companion.

Within all the repeating patterns, new is constantly being revealed. Each generation adds their unique perspective. Each era carves out its expressive mark to say: “We were here. We counted. We shaped the course of history – or culture – or humanity, in some particular way. We did it better.” On a larger scale we name the eras and ages accordingly: The Iron Age; The Bronze Age; The 60’s; The Greatest Generation; The Millennials…and on and on and on.

Job built a life of solid, consistent faithfulness and success. He loved God. He loved his family. He was a leader. Respected by all, Job personified one who had it all together. And then, for no reason he could comprehend, Job lost it all. Health, family, wealth and security; he couldn’t restore it. Distraught in his situation, Job didn’t understand how this could happen when he had been so careful to live a life of integrity and faithfulness. Even though he was angry with God, Job knew this: it is only God who holds the wisdom of the ages and only God can truly restore all things. In his struggle, Job kept naming this truth.

Read a glimpse of Job’s perspective on wisdom here:

Everything we perceive is partial. Every great thought and discovery is a tiny glimpse into the whole. What if the unique perspective each generation offers is much more about what God is offering to us, than what we are offering to the world? Perhaps God gives to each generation the particular wisdom, grace and contribution that is part of the whole being woven throughout history.

To “fear the Lord” is to accept and receive the vastness of our Creator and the vulnerability of our place in the world. If I trust God then I know my life counts simply because I am an expression of the One who created me – and my Creator is complete, whole and full of wisdom. If I understand my vulnerability I can rest in the assurance that my worst day or my greatest weakness is nothing compared to the grace of Christ in my life.

We don’t have to “make” our mark in the world. We ARE a mark in God’s plan that is unfolding on earth and heaven. We live it in the hands of our Creator with acceptance and struggle. Either way, the Lord holds the wisdom we need for our lives. And God gives freely to those who ask.


Prayer beginnings…
God thank you for providing glimpses of your wisdom. I see it in…
Please give me wisdom for this situation in my life….
We trust you, Lord, and we need you. Thank you for being the source of wisdom that is   restoring all things according to your great mercy, love and grace. Amen.

Just Be Held


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