Listening During Lent

radnorOnce I walked here to survive the days of being broken. I noticed the fallen trees, broken limbs and all the while, I could see new life emerging. I learned then how to move forward from watching the creation God spoke into being. A creation that lives out loud. A creation that dies, renews, struggles and rises.

I watch the ducks and how they gather with such excitement…huddling together like only best friends tend to do. And just as easily one breaks away and swims swiftly to a place of solitude; resting in still water. I wonder…is this duck reconnecting with the Creator who made it?
Tree hugI see two trees that are clearly separate, even of different types. Yet, one of them has gently reached to wrap around the other. One seems strong and able to bear the leaning today. The other is vibrant and growing; it seems comforted by the one sharing its weight. They grow together. A bit like friends and lovers will do.

Tree with iceToday I just come to give thanks. I walk where the ice still lingers in crevices the sun (Son) has yet to touch. Someone who cares has placed fresh woods chips on the trail. Trees that fell in the path have been cut for firewood and sawdust remains. Dust….dust that a snake would love if it were warm enough to slip through and let it massage old scales away. Isn’t it wonderful; the provision!

This is a listening place. Birds sing the melodies of their Creator and somehow the songs match the one singing in me today. Let it be.

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