Trees of Winter

crepe myrtle in winterI ache for you
As much for me
Watch you bend
Beneath the tree
The weight so heavy
Upon branches
Of faithfulness
Proud and strong
Ice covering your limbs
Lean and long
It came.
Like the crash of heartache
Hovering over your canopy
Not counting the stakes…
Wounds, disappointments,
Betrayals, attacks…
Joys and celebrations
And random things
You can’t take back…

Trees in Ice Mar 2014I ache for you
As I hear the sound
Of cracking boughs
Falling to the ground
Settling there and
for what comes

Like the crack of a heart
That doesn’t see it coming
Finds itself falling
And suddenly wondering
When spring arrives…
will I be alive?

crepe myrtle at nightI ache for you
I join with you
Cry in your falling
But rise to your waking
Spring comes
Ice melts
You grow new limbs
Watch me, you will see!
Hearts repair
Wounds heal
Burdens grows lighter
Spring draws nearer
We live it together
Creations of God
Shaped of fragile clay
Made new against all odds.
Amazing Grace on a
Winter’s day.

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