Tables of Thanksgiving

Breakfast at our table on Thanksgiving Day
Breakfast at our table on Thanksgiving Day
The songs of birds that rise in the early morning bless me. Seeing my cousin as I venture into the kitchen where the smell of coffee beckons me causes me to praise. What happened yesterday? How did it unfold for us to be sitting at a table far above the little city of Xela, sharing a meal with friends in Guatemala?
A table of rest for us
A table of rest for us

For me, this is the movement of God simply offering tables, graces and places to show us more. We have shared many tables in the past few days. In fact, as I pause long enough to write, I realize that we have moved from one table to another…each one a gift of immeasurable grace.
A different kind of Thanksgiving table
A different kind of Thanksgiving table

We met Lucia and Irene in a little café after work (it is not a holiday in Guatemala). We drank hot chocolate and spoke again of deep things. We recalled the short time of our knowing one another (Lucia and I first met 4 months ago when the team was here on mission) and all that has unfolded. We are all pulled to something deeper. Aaron in his work in California; Irene with her work with many nations; Lucia with her work with women here in Guatemala; me with the church in all the ways and places God manifests it. We listen and watch daily to make sure we hear, see and honor that pull. And so…God speaks. Let it be.
IMG_7478 This is a table in my home of Tennessee that Lucia and I shared with friends this summer.
With Chester and Emily earlier this week
With Chester and Emily earlier this week

I end with an excerpt of a poem I penned earlier this year about another table of friends. And the words echo in my ear as I type…”thou prepares a table before me…”
Holy space of love gathering
Broken yet redeemed
Aging and full of youth
Stories… life history unfolding
Assembled; present.
Still more yet there is to greet
as hope and love unexpected meet
over egg sandwiches at midnight.
Celebrations and disappointments
News and sharings of life’s ebb and flow
This Holy space
leaves faith a trace
where Love remains to grow.

I am here…drawn to your Table
Arriving by way of Grace.

6 thoughts on “Tables of Thanksgiving

  • Eggs sandwiches are my favorite. Never had them at midnight.
    I am trying to recall a saying Daddy used to use often. Something about “putting your feet under my table.” The implication was that sharing a meal in someone’s home brought a closer relationship. It was something special. I think of those words often. I meet a new friend, and pretty soon I start thinking of when I can invite them to put their feet under my table.
    And you know my passion for food. There is something beyond physical nourishing when we share the sustenance He provides.
    Love your poem. Enjoy your last days with your cousin.

  • Hi Vona,
    You are doing it again. You are ministering to all around with the Love of The Lord surrounding you and speaking through you. You are inspiring me with each word. Blessings on you and all around you.

    Peg Hulit Om

  • What a delight to read your postings … I see a girl obedient to her calling simply living into the life God has prepared for her to live. What seems unimaginable to me is becoming almost “normal” for Vona Wilson. Thank you for what you are doing to build relationships and to prepare the way for others who will join you in the years to come. Peace! Michael J

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