The Practice of Staying Home

I who love solitude
and cling to moments
of reprieve
to enter the deep wells
of grace…
find an empty
space and fight to fill
it –
even against my soul.
It is the habit of busyness
warring in the beauty
the practice of staying home.
It has become,
a spiritual discipline
of our time.

And Later….
Having found it possible
simply to stay
I also found it possible…
to go for a run in the sprinkling rain
grocery shop and cook supper at home
watch a 30 minute program on t.v.
read something beautiful
and fall asleep from a quiet place in my soul.
Strangely enough,
this is peace today.

4 thoughts on “The Practice of Staying Home

  • Exactly where I find myself too! And even when staying home, I have to fight my tendency to fill every minute in the spirit of “taking advantage of my saturday”, when indeed, my soul could use “doing nothing” and just be, so I could enter the “deep wells of grace”.

  • Wow very beautiful. Reminds me of Blaise Pascal’s quote.”All l of man ‘s problems stem from his inability to stay in his room alone. “. So many have lost the true meaning of Sabbeth.

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