Presence & Peace

We have had an amazing day. We started with the prayer of yielding the day’s plans to God and when we shared our experiences around the table tonight it was obvious that God honored that request and yielding. We needed the surrender and we needed the blessing of trusting.

The dental team took care of 48 patients today and 84 teeth! That’s a rocking day in the life of any dentist. Dr. Robin, Abby and Julie came to the table tonight with stories of courageous kids, humble men and determined women. The people were waiting in line when we arrived this morning…maybe 20 before Dr. Robin ever set up the chair.

First a white background....setting the stage
First a white background….setting the stage
The art team took a blank concrete wall, a vision on paper and some paint….and the miracle of inspiration began to take life before day’s end.
And then the color comes! De Colores!
And then the color comes! De Colores!

They played soccer in between with the children hanging around. There was no school today. The teachers were out on a project to raise money for the school…something they do often and with diligence. The teachers that work in the La Toma school are highly committed. They love these kids.

The remaining team had a day of learning and conversation that will we never forget. We learned how to install stoves. Bonnie called them the “Jenn Air of Guatemala”, which tells you how impressive they were once put together. The first one took us 2.5 hours! The last one of the day took about 45 minutes. Haha…this is a skill that improves with practice.

After installing the stove...teaching the family how to use it.
After installing the stove…teaching the family how to use it.
After building the stove and installing we shared a card with each family and a prayer. The cards were made by the children of our church; their sweet words and art reaching across the boundaries of language and culture…again.

Ansley and Angellie with their newest buddy!
Ansley and Angellie with their newest buddy!
We are certain as the night draws to an end that the most important thing that happened today was not about teeth, or stoves, or art…although all of those things were incredibly good! The most important thing today was being together. Conversations in local homes, holding the hands of little children, learning the culture and allowing God to change our hearts. Miracles happened in us while we were making friends and living into the vision that in Christ, we truly are one. Peace be with you. Peace be with all of us.

8 thoughts on “Presence & Peace

  • Vona, your leadership is amazing, your insights are profound, your attitude and nurturing are inspirational. Continued blessings be with you and the mission team.
    Peace & Love to all, Truitt

    • Truitt, your encouragement is always a blessing. Thank you! Keep us in your prayers…for our humility and following of God, not our own agendas, but only the plans of the Spirit. This will bless us all. Love to you and Dot and the church family at Franklin FUMC!

  • Cheers for always looking for the most important thing! You have taken missions beyond “doing for” to “meeting with and learning from”. Much love and many prayers.

  • Vona:
    Once again I find my heart touched by your work. I learn from everything you do. Thank you so much for keeping me on your list. Keep up the good work that God sends you to do.

    Peg OM

    • Peg – -thank you for following us in prayer and learning. Please pray for the teaching next week. If the Spirit of God allows it, I will teach centering prayer here and the prayers of the OM’s will be very important. Much Love!

    • Don, thank you for reading and responding. God is blessing our steps. Pray for us to remain humble and open. As I see your name I lift up prayers of thanksgiving for your healing. And look forward to the time to come!

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