Change Agents

As we listened to Pastor Felix talk about his friend, Andres, yesterday, I started thinking about those people who come into your life for purposes that God has prearranged and we have the adventure to discover.  I’ve had many of those people pass through…in church programs…in neighborhood efforts.  It is truly the bringing together of diferent people’s gifts and talents for a common good.

Within this team of 18 people, only 5 have been to Guatemala before; many are new.

Pastora Myriam helping with stove installations today.
Pastora Myriam helping with stove installations today.
One of those new people is Pastora Myriam Cortez.  Pastora Myriam and I met two years ago at 61st Avenue United Methodist Church where she leads the Ebenezer ministries.  I have learned  so much from her in the brief time of our meeting.  I have much more to learn.  Her children, Julio and Angellie are with us as well.  It feels like a little miracle for God to provide a way for a Hispanic pastor to come with us.  Not only will we learn from Pastora Myriam while we are here; we will continue when we return home.  And Pastora Myriam will experience the culture and ways of a country that is “home” to many people in the neighborhoods where she serves.  How amazing is that? 

IMG_6057This bus is filled with change agents. It is filled with people who have gifts that God intends for them to share. Sometimes we are led to other countries to equip us to help the neighbor next door. At least that is what I find over and over again. 

IMG_6060It leads me to believe two things:  1. God will do whatever it takes to teach and equip us for the plans of our lives that connect to God’s purposes.  2.  The adventure never ends if we simply keep saying “yes” one moment at a time.

I thank God tonight for bringing together the unlikely for divine plans.  Like the Scripture says, “with God all things are possible”! Let it be.

Learning how to put together water filters
Learning how to put together water filters

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