Bamboo trees at the Bambu
Bamboo trees at the Bambu

It always feels good to arrive.  The welcome began with the two Guatemalan sisters sitting beside me on the flight from Dallas to Guatemala City. They had been to New Jersey for a family wedding. Their English was better than my limited Spanish and we enjoyed a brief chat between napping.  The flight was full of Latin Americans. I am the minority…as everyone needs to be on occasion. It keeps one humble and widens the perspective on human life.

It is the rainy so it is raining…and raining…and raining. I love it. But it has its challenges. The bridge was washed out so a detour took us back to rough and slow traveling. Still,  it helps me to see humanity bend to creation.   It reminds me that we are not machines or  even invincible…we are quite simply, God’s  children.  And as we have been equipped to do amazing things with God’s provision, the same can be said for all of God’s creation. The wind and rain and snow and hail….it also can do amazing things.

So it rained and we drove. Arriving safely at the destination, we went in search of paint supplies for the mural. The mural project is the blending of beauty, culture and friendship.  Desgined by a local Guatemalan and painted by the artist, members of our team, and community friends will create this visual of unity and culture. T

The connection is not good and I am having some technology challenges so I am accepting this for the moment with hopes of resolution soon. It makes writing difficult.  The team arrives in a few hours and it will be a great day of transition for all!  we welcome God’s help in that transition.

4 thoughts on “Arrival

  • Your writing brings us right there with you in heart & prayer . 💗🙏for what is & what’s next .

  • Such imagery makes me feel as though I am traveling with you! Mark sent the FUMC team off at 3:30 am with a prayer and much excitement! My friend messaged that her teenaged son was born in Antiqua and adopted through a United Methodist Missionary there. Her congregation is saying prayers for the TEAM as well. Yet another way we are all connected as children of God. Can’t wait to see how God unfolds in this journey!

    • Judy – many thanks for your following and making connections. We welcome all the signs of God that remind us we are all connected and we are all in just the right place at the right time for God’s plans to unfold in each of us. Praises and joy!

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